Where To Put The PC Tower & Why

Gaming has opened our eyes to a lot of things, it almost made us tech experts, we always care and think about what to get to build our very own PC to play our favorite games, we think about motherboards, the CPU, RAM, and more. 

After we choose these essential parts we also think about other things like cooling our PC to make it work better and increase their lifespan. 

One of the tips that we overlook is Where To Put The PC Tower, where should we put it? On the table? under the table? or maybe near the window for more airflow and better cooling. 

Where to put the PC tower? 

The best place to put your PC tower is: under the desk because it’s an unused space or on the floor, if it’s clean enough and away from any possible accidents and must be put on small boxes or books (no offense to people who love to read a lot), or in my personal opinion on a desk near a window so that it can get enough air to maintain its temperature. 

Can you put a PC on the carpet?

That’s actually a very bad idea, the reason is the carpet will block all the bottom vents making your PC heat up, so it’s better to stay away from the carpet.

Should I put my PC tower under or on my desk?

Putting the PC tower under the desk is safer and saves some space while putting it on the desk might make it prone to hitting when you move around the house or if you have a pet that likes to move a lot which puts your PC tower in danger if it falls down. 

Can I put my PC on cardboard?

You surely can, using hard straight surfaces is always a good idea but what’s more useful is using cubes or pieces of these hard materials to provide more airflow to your computer or laptop. 

How far should my PC be from the wall?

Just far enough so the PSU fan can work properly, not too far of course because of the short wires. 

One more thing I read on a forum was to keep enough distance from the wall so you can plug in your headphones or USB easily without having to move the desk or the tower every time. 

I recommend you to invest in a moving desk that’s designed for desktop computers, it has a place for the PC tower and speakers as well, plus the keyboard, of course, that way, you can move it around easily without having to carry it. 

I couldn’t find a moving desk on Amazon like the one I have but I found this:

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Is it bad to have your PC on the floor?

If the PC tower is all made of a conducting material then I think it’ll leak the current to the floor, not mentioning of course you not wearing any slippers or putting your feet on the carpet or any insulating material to avoid shocking yourself. 

It’s better to put the PC tower on two pieces of non conducting material like wood or plastic. 

Another thought I read online was that the floor contains all types of dust and hair…etc, that means it’s bad news for your PC tower. 


You think a lot, there are a lot of other things to worry about other than where to put your PC tower, mind my rudeness but I think you’re too careful and that’s OK, you must have spent thousands of dollars on your computer and want to keep it safe and working for as long as you can. 

Don’t forget to dust it out on a regular basis, being lazy will put your computer in trouble, try to do that every few months to keep it clean. 

I hope the above answers were sufficient and convincing, please share your thoughts with me in the comments section below, have a great day. 

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