Fast Browsing But Slow Downloading [7 Ways To Fix It]

Fast Browsing But Slow Downloading

Sometimes you experience this really annoying problem where you have a really fast internet connection but it takes forever to download a small file. The solution might be easy and quick once we discover where the problem is, don’t worry! I’m going to list a few reasons with some possible solutions to help you sort … Read more

How to Fix The Slow Keyboard Response in Windows 7

How to Fix The Slow Keyboard Response in Windows 7

Have you ever experienced this weird behavior when typing on your computer or laptop? It’s just annoying and you start wondering if your computer is the problem or just the keyboard, I noticed this issue today on my Windows 7 computer and felt worried, anyway I thought that I should write a post about it … Read more

How to Check Internet Speed on The Router

Hey guys and welcome to another tutorial, today I’m going to show you how to check or know the speed of your internet connection using your router only, you’ll also know the Maximum speed your line can handle. Notice that the speed I was talking about is the not the actual speed but instead it’s … Read more